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Software. Intellectual Property
The creation, protection or alienation of property rights (license) for Software or any other intellectual property is regulated by law.
We can help you to copyright your intellectual property, to sell or to buy it.
We know how it works in Belarus.
We have an experience to work with the clients from EU (the United Kingdom, the Netherland, Belgium, Lithuania, Estonia, Spain), Egypt, Russian Federation. In the globalized world we are choosing a form of communication satisfactory to our Clients (Skype, E-mail, Phone, Fax) that you could receive the immediate advice in every place of the world.
We are able to communicate in English language.
Doing business in Belarus is easy
We have a large experience supporting start-ups or established business. We know every nuance of business establishment and development, including the registration, paying salaries to employees, regulatory and ecological issues, taxes, foreign investments etc. We are able explain the complex aspects on the simple language according to the high standards of legal services. We understand that you need the competent advice within hours; therefore we are ready to provide it promptly.
Debt collection
If the Company or a person is not going to pay your debt in Belarus we are always ready to help you in resolving the problem. In our practice, 60% of debtors are beginning to pay the debt after receiving the official claim from the law office. 20% of debtors initiate concluding the amicable settlements after receiving the official letter from the court or police.
We are a ready to provide you with a prior legal advice within one day after receiving your request. Please check it out.
We are always protecting Client’s interests. Please be sure that all the information received during the period of our work shall never be disclosed to any of the third parties.
Our competence is determined by our huge experience, Client’s trust and a number of large projects that were successfully implemented with our involvement.

License to carry out legal practice issued by Ministry of Justice of the
Republic of Belarus No. 02240/1422 of 1 April 2014
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